New Oak Cask Finished Gin

Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin

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Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin (formerly called “New Barrel Gin”)

Gin Aged in New American Oak

Copperworks New Oak Cask  Finished Gin (what we used to call “New Barrel Gin”) is aged for roughly three months in full-size, charred, new American Oak barrels—the same barrels we use to age our American Single Malt Whiskey.

Finishing the gin in new oak has softened the juniper, brought forward the cinnamon, coriander and floral notes, and added the distinctive essence of vanilla and caramel from the barrel.

Like all Copperworks gins, our New Oak Cask Finished Gin is distilled from a base of malted barley grown in Washington State, with ten botanicals added in the final distillation.

Delicous Neat or in Cocktails

Finishing in new oak gives this gin an especially rich and complex flavor profile. The gin lends itself to enjoying neat, like you might drink a whiskey, and it adds new dimensions to gin cocktails.

Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin works especially well in classic, gin-forward pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Negroni, Martinez or Last Word. And it adds a rich spin to lighter tall gin cocktails like the Tom Collins, Singapore Sling, or Gin Fizz.

Get recipes for these and other cocktails with Copperworks spirits.

Jason Parker, Copperworks co-owner/distiller, particularly likes this classic cocktail where Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin has replaced what is typically rye:

New Barrel Gin Sazarac

—   2 oz. Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin
—   1 sugar cube OR ½ oz. sugar syrup (2:1 sugar to water)
—   3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
—   ½ oz. Absinthe (for glass rinse)

Put the absinthe in a chilled rocks glass. Swirl to coat the sides. Let it sit while preparing the rest of the drink in another glass. If using a sugar cube, crush in the bottom of the second glass with 6-7 drops of water until dissolved. Add the bitters and continue to stir. Add the gin and stir, then add ice and stir for a full minute.

Pour the absinthe out of the rocks glass, then strain the chilled cocktail into the glass. The absinthe is the garnish, so serve without further garnish.

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