Whiskey Aging Kit

NewMake-Barrel on barCopperworks Whiskey Aging Kit

With Copperworks New Make Whiskey, an oak barrel and a little time, you can produce an aged single malt whiskey that is truly your own. Or try aging Copperworks Gin.

You can also age beer, wine, cider, cocktails and more in these small barrels. The premium-quality American White Oak used for these barrels will give rich notes of oak, vanilla, caramel, and spice to the liquid you let rest in the barrel.

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Copperworks New Make Whiskey

Age this whiskey in the small barrel for roughly 4 – 8 weeks (maybe even less, based on your preferences), and you’ll have a single malt whiskey, aged to your particular palette and suited for sipping. It’s made from 100% malted barley and distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills. It’s the same whiskey we’re aging in full-sized barrels for release sometime in 2016.


  • Whiskey Aging Kit (includes a 2-liter, charred, new American Oak barrel with two 750ml bottles of Copperworks New Make Whiskey): $154.57 (including tax)
  • Barrel by itself: $49. 00 (not including tax)

Buy Copperworks Whiskey Aging Kit or individual barrels in our Online Store.

The Process: Hydrate the Barrel, Fill, Wait and Enjoy!

You will need to hydrate the barrel before you fill it with New Make Whiskey, gin or any other liquid. After that, the aging process is simple–you let the liquid rest in the barrel until it achieves the flavor profile you want. The following documents explain the hydration and filling process, with more details on aging:

5 Steps to Aging Your Own Whiskey (PDF): a one-page summary on the process of aging Copperworks New Make Whiskey in the small barrel.

Barrel Owner’s Guide (PDF): a more thorough explanation of using and re-using the barrel.

Barrel Aging Q & A: detailed suggestions for those who want to get fully immersed in the art and science of barrel aging.

About our Handmade Barrels

The barrel’s oak staves have been air-dried for two years, making the flavors of the wood mellower than kiln-dried wood. The wood was charred over direct fire in the manufacturing process. The heavy char of the barrel creates a clean, sanitary surface and a natural filter for your aging liquid. If you’re aging a clear spirit, the char turns the spirits to an amber color.

No nails or glue were used to make the barrel. The barrel is held together, and made liquid-tight, by the force of the oak staves swelling against the metal bands. Copperworks barrels are handmade, so vary slightly in size, but hold approximately two liters. They can hold the contents of at least two 750ml bottles of spirits.

Copperworks All-Malt Whiskey

Our most frequently asked question is “When will your whiskey be ready?” We have a jaw-dropping array of new, charred American Oak barrels holding Copperworks All-Malt Whiskey. It’s aging nicely (we’re enjoying the testing process) and we’ll release it sometime in 2016. We wish we could be more specific than that, but the whiskey will tell us when it’s ready.

Tell Us About Your Results!

We would love to hear about the products you age in our barrels and the results you achieve. Every product aged in these barrels will be unique and we’re eager to hear about them. Please email us with send your comments, questions, ideas.