Join Copperworks and these fine Seattle cocktail spots this evening, Dec. 5,  to commemorate the end of Prohibition:

TASTE at SAM: offering an array of cocktails, each featuring a different Copperworks spirit

Liberty Bar: get a flight of gin, with one or more Copperworks gins, plus cocktails featuring the gins

Rock Creek: featuring Prohibition-era cocktails made with Copperworks Gin

BOKA: chose from custom cocktails featuring Copperworks Gin

Spur:  offering special cocktail with Copperworks Gin

Why Celebrate Repeal Day?

Prohibition ended on December 5, 1933, when enough states had voted to ratify the 21st Amendment which repealed the “Volstead Act” — a.k.a. Prohibition.

Officially dubbing the anniversary “Repeal Day” was the brainchild of cocktail guru, Jeffrey Morgenthaler, who says this: “We celebrate Repeal Day® because December 5th marks a return to the rich traditions of craft fermentation and distillation, the legitimacy of the American bartender as a contributor to the culinary arts, and the responsible enjoyment of alcohol as a sacred social custom.” Learn more about Prohibition and Repeal Day.