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Washington State: A Prohibition Trendsetter

Prohibition officially ended 80 years ago on December 5, 1933, when the 21st Amendment to the Constitution became law – and thus “Repeal Day” celebrations began. (Watch for these on Thursday…) Washington State, ever a trendsetter, actually struck down its state-level prohibition of alcohol six months before the federal government did (perhaps a foreshadowing of […]

Happy Repeal Day, Seattle! (Wet in so many ways…)

Prohibition ended 80 years ago today. But that didn’t mean a big change in Seattle’s drinking habits – Seattle was notoriously “wet” during Prohibition. The city had its share of illegal distilleries making moonshine back then, but Seattle bootleggers focused on smuggling liquor, a.k.a.  “rum running.” Seattle was an easy target for liquor smuggling due […]