“Help me out…this is a FANTASTIC whiskey, but what’s up with the label: ‘Single Malt’ and ‘Recipe: Five Malt & Pale Malt’? Huh?

We appreciated getting this great question from a customer. We agree, it’s confusing.

When describing a whiskey, the word “single” in “single malt” means the whiskey in the bottle is from a single distillery, as compared to “blended whiskey” which is from multiple distilleries. The word “malt” means the whiskey is made from 100% malted barley.

A single malt whiskey can contain more than one type of malt. Different malts are produced by kiln-drying them at different temperatures and speeds.

Our Five Malt recipe contains five different types of malted barley. Our Pale Malt recipe is made just from two-row pale malt. In recent whiskey releases, we’ve combined Copperworks Single Malt Whiskeys made from two different recipes: our Five Malt and our Pale Malt recipes. That’s how we get an American Single Malt made from multiple styles of malt.