Cask Finished Gin Series

Copperworks Cask Finished Gin Series

Limited Releases: Copperworks Peated Cask Finished Gins

We were able to procure two special casks from a partner in the U.K.: one cask that had previously held Laphroaig Whisky and one that held Caol Ila Whisky. These distilleries are located on the island of Islay, the region of Scotland famous for peated whisky. We filled each cask with our Small Batch Gin recipe and let it rest: in the Laphroaig cask for seven months and in the Caol Ila for 10 months. The results are two peaty gins that are remarkably different and especially enjoyable to compare side-by-side.

The Caol Ila cask version is lighter with citrus notes and the Laphroaig cask version is heavier and smokier. Both gins are enjoyable on their own, as sipping gins. And they both offer flavors robust enough to feature in spirit-forward cocktails.

Copperworks Peated Cask Finished Gin (Caol Ila Cask): Aromas of fresh lime, campfire, cumin, sandalwood, and grilled pineapple that lead to earthy, heather, blackberry honey, and citrus pith flavors. Finishes with notes of leather, desert spices (particularly sage), and a rounding earthiness.  Buy now.

Copperworks Peated Cask Finished Gin (Laphroaig Cask): Aromas of driftwood smoke, musk, pine tar, and cedar lead to flavors of matcha green tea, tobacco, and cardamom. Finishes with a long incense and cigar smoke impression. Buy now.

New Oak Cask Finished Gin

We age this gin for roughly three months in in charred, new American Oak barrels – the same barrels Copperworks uses to age its single malt whiskey. Aging in new oak softens the juniper notes and adds distinctive essences of vanilla, caramel and spices.

Past Editions

Cognac Cask Finished Gin

This gin rested in a 300-liter cask that previously held cognac. With that big of a cask, the gin took considerable time to pick up the flavors from the cognac that we were after — longer than any cask finished gin we’ve produced so far. This release offers aromas of lemon cake, frankincense, and cedar leading to flavors of sandalwood, mint, leather, and exotic spice flavors. It has a long finish of candied ginger, more sandalwood, and bitter orange.

Amaro Cask Finished Gin

This single-cask edition of Copperworks Cask Finished Gin was finished for six months in a cask that previously held Amaro Amorino from Letterpress Distilling, and before that the cask held Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey. This gin offers aromas of menthol and peppermint, with juniper taking a backseat. Flavors of sarsaparilla and star anise, with a bittersweet finish.

Plum Cask Finished Gin

In 2017, we filled a gin-soaked barrel with 200 lbs. of Italian Prune Plums from Warm Valley Orchard on Orcas Island, WA. We added more gin and let it rest for a year. The resulting cask finished gin offered floral, sage, and black cherry aromas and tart, fruity flavors. This gin had the most intense flavor changes of any of the cask finished gins we’ve released so far.

IPA Cask Finished Gin

Copperworks emptied a barrel of Copperworks New Oak Cask Finished Gin and gave the barrel to Elliott Bay Brewing who used it to create a barrel-aged version of their Demolition IPA. They sent the barrel back and we filled it with gin and let it rest for almost a year. The result is a cask finished gin that offers notes of lemon balm, tannin, peppermint and, not surprisingly, finishes with bitter hop notes.

Tonic Cask Finished Gin

This gin matured in a barrel that was previously used to age Bradley’s Kina Tonic Syrup. Before that, the barrel aged another local gin and before that, it held Old Heaven Hill Bourbon for seven years. The result is a cask-finished gin that tastes like a Copperworks Gin and Tonic reduction, with big, complex flavor.

Amaretto Cask Finished Gin

This gin was finished for five months in a cask that previously held amaretto created by Sons of Vancouver Distillery in Vancouver, British Columbia. This limited edition gin offers aromas of cedar, incense, candied orange, and cinnamon with flavors of orange rind, marzipan, and slight menthol coolness, with a finish of chai tea, and citrus notes.

Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask Finished Gin

This gin rested for more than fourteen months in a 500-liter cask that previously held  Pedro Ximénez Sherry. The sherry finish comes through with notes of raisins, maple syrup, and some tropical fruit. Those initial flavors are followed by rich orange liqueur notes and ample spice.

Chai Cider Cask Finished Gin

This gin was finished in an oak cask that was previously used to age a Chai-flavored cider from Schilling Cider, a cidery near Seattle. Before that, the cask held a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Columbia Valley in Washington State. In this cask finished gin, the juniper takes a back seat to more subtle, yet complex, flavors of cardamom, bay leaf, and lemon balm.

Oloroso Sherry Barrel Gin

This gin rested for 250 days in an oak cask that was previously used to age an Oloroso sherry. This gin opens with a bouquet of mulling spices and maple sugar candy with bitter orange in the mid-palate. Notes of stone fruit and dried figs come in for a distinctively sherry cask finish.

Port Barrel Gin

This gin was aged for roughly four months  in an oak barrel from Spain that was previously used to age port. It offers notes of dark cocoa and blackberry on the palate, with anise and toasted pine nuts in the finish.

Mezcal Barrel Gin

This gin was aged for nearly five months in an oak barrel that was previously used to age mezcal. The barrel imparted an earthy, slightly sweet flavor, with a spicy finish. Surprisingly, no smoky notes from the mezcal was imparted to the gin this aged gin, but we detected tropical fruit and brown sugar notes.

Rum Barrel Gin

This gin was aged for 10 months in an American oak barrel that was previously used to age rum from 3 Howls, a fellow craft distillery in Seattle. The barrel held 3 Howls Rum, made from 100% sweet Barbados molasses, for one year before arriving at Copperworks. Our Rum Barrel Gin offers aromas of rum cake and orange, with flavors of cinnamon and candied fruit balancing out the botanicals.

Gin Barrel Gin

This is Copperworks Gin aged in a barrel that was previously used to age Copperworks Gin. We took what had been a new charred American Oak barrel before it was used to age our New Barrel Gin. We then filled that barrel up again with Copperworks Gin and let it age for 100 days. As with our other aged gins, the juniper is a little softer and the botanicals still come through. This one offers a nice burnt-orange finish.

Peat Barrel Gin

This single-cask release of Copperworks Gin was aged in an American Oak barrel that was previously used to age a peated malt whiskey. The gin has a definitive smoky finish.

Malt Barrel Gin

This is Copperworks Gin that was aged for just over six months in an American Oak barrel previously used to age all-malt whiskey. The barrel aging gave it soft vanilla and oak notes, but it definitely retained its juniper spiciness. There’s a hint of sweetness, with orange and cinnamon in the nose.