Experience Copperworks

A Whiskey Blending Workshop participant draws a sample of whiskey to taste straight from the cask.

Looking for a fun and flavorful gift or an enjoyable outing for yourself? Join us at Copperworks for activities where you’ll taste our spirits and learn about how they are made.

Whiskey Blending Workshop

The ultimate experience for the whiskey lover! Guests learn about Copperworks distilling technique and maturing process, then sample a variety of Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskeys straight from the cask. You’ll then blend and bottle your own custom whiskey from the casks you choose.

Distillery Tour and Tasting

The one-hour tour of Copperworks Distilling includes a thorough behind-the-scenes look at our stills, fermenters and barreling area, followed by a guided tasting of Copperworks spirits. You can buy a certificate for one person, a couple, or any sized group you like. Buy a Distillery Tour and Tasting certificate.

Spirits Tasting

This certificate entitles the holder to one standard flight of Copperworks spirits. While you sip your spirits, your server will be happy to chat with you about how our spirit are made, the ingredients that gives them their distinctive flavors, and advise on using them in cocktails at home. Buy a Spirits Tasting certificate.