Copperworks Leadership Team

Jason Parker, Co-Founder/President

Jason was raised in Kentucky and may have a touch of bourbon in his blood.

Maybe that’s what got him into craft beer brewing in the early days, before there was even a microbrew scene in Seattle. With degrees in chemistry and microbiology and love of fine beer, he was the first brewer at Pike Place Brewery in 1989. He went on to refine his craft with Fish Brewing Company, Redhook and as Brewmaster at Pyramid Breweries.

Many people are surprised to learn whiskey starts with beer. Whiskey is essentially a beer that has been through the distillation process. So for Jason, an experienced microbrewer with a track record of producing award-winning craft beer, moving onto distilled spirits is a natural progression.


Micah Nutt, Co-Founder/Distiller

Micah is a skilled and technical home brewer. Introduced to the craft in the 1980s by his brother, Micah eventually constructed an efficient all-electric basement brewery.  As a software engineer, he set out to fully automate the process with computer control. But the solid-state relays, thermistors, and painstakingly soldered circuit boards were abandoned after he realized that brewing is more fun when done the old-fashioned way.

Long encouraged by friends, Micah casually explored opening his own brewery in the new millennia. But when Washington State passed legislation allowing craft distilleries, his thoughts diverted to starting a distillery. Among Micah’s many talents is wood-working and he rebuilt and refined the stunning antique bar featured in Copperworks’ tasting room.M

Jeff Kanof, Co-Owner/Vice President

Jeff is a recovering attorney, having left his law firm job in New York City for the Northwest to focus on his passion for fine spirits. He cut his teeth in Seattle by helping to launch Letterpress Distilling.

Always an avid beer fan, Jeff spent a month in Belgium seeking out some of the world’s best beers. His interest in complex flavors and craftsmanship led him to explore American whiskey. Countless bottles later, he realized he had fallen in love with spirits and the art of mixing drinks. Jeff joined Copperworks in time to help bottle the first batch of spirits.