Donations and Community Support

Copperworks Distilling is proud to support the dedication and service of nonprofit organizations based in Washington State to the extent our resources will allow.

Our Focus Areas for Giving

We’ve chosen to concentrate our giving to nonprofit organizations based in Washington State which focus on the following causes in the Pacific Northwest. These causes align with our priorities as a company and the members of our team.

  • Environmental protection and conservation of natural resources
  • Job creation and workforce training in the food and beverage industry
  • Research and health services focused on breast and ovarian cancer
  • Economic development for local farms and farming communities

Our Requests of You

  • Your organization must have 501(c)(3) status and be headquartered in Washington State.
  • Donations must be picked up from our tasting room during store hours (unless it’s a gift certificate we can email to you).
  • Please use our logo (available in  in online and print promotions for your event. Download our logo in JPG or PNG format. We can provide additional formats, if necessary.
  • No procurement forms: due to the time required to complete individual procurement forms, we’re not able to complete and submit your forms. We will provide you with documentation of our donation that includes all information required by most procurement forms.


As a small business with a limited budget for donations, we receive many more requests than we’re able to accommodate. We regretfully must decline the majority of requests we receive that are unrelated to the services areas listed above. Additionally:

  • Requests from schools:  We receive an overwhelming number of requests from public school K-12 Parent-Teacher Organizations and private schools and are no longer able to donate to these organizations.
  • “Signature Cocktail” requests:  We are rarely able to work with organizations to create and provide ingredients for event-specific signature cocktails due to the large amount of staff time and alcohol required.
  • Attending to pour samples:  We love chatting with event guests and pouring samples, but we have limited staff and time available to provide this service at fundraisers. If we agree to attend, the liquor provided as samples will be considered an in-kind donation.
  • No political organizations/campaigns or religious organizations.

Submit Your Request

If your organization is based in Washington State and works in the service areas listed above, please complete both pages of this Donation Request form and submit it by email to

Please note: the form is a Word document in a .zip file. If you are unable to “unzip” the file to access the Word document, you can download a non-editable PDF version here.

We will do our best to respond within two weeks. No calls please.

Thank you.