Copperworks Plum Gin

Copperworks Plum Gin

Have Italian Prune Plums to spare? Let us know!

For every pound of Italian Prune Plums you provide to Copperworks, we will donate $1 to your local food bank.

Western Washington had a cold, wet spring and this year’s plum harvest is plummeting. We need more plums!

Copperworks is sourcing Italian Prune Plums from local backyards and orchards to put into our next batch of Plum Gin. Your plum crop will help us AND will benefit your local food bank.

For every pound of whole Italian Prune Plums provided to Copperworks, we will donate $1 to your local food bank. We want our Plum Gin to support local food banks and prevent the waste of good fruit.

As a special thank-you for providing plums, you will receive 10% off a bottle of Copperworks Plum Gin purchased directly from Copperworks.

Put Your Plums to Good Use

Send us info about your plums. Let us know the approximately how many pounds of ripe, quality plums you have and when you plan to pick them. We’ll get back to you with details.

If you have questions about our plum program or are ready to set up a drop-off appointment, please contact us at

More Details

Do I need to have any kind of permit to provide my plums?

No permit or license is required to provide your plums to Copperworks.

What quality of plums are you looking for?

We will happily accept pest-free, whole Italian Prune Plums. Mild bruising is acceptable. But we’re we not able to accept any fruit with rot, mold, broken skin, or large soft spots as these flaws may contaminate other plums during storage.

What’s the minimum amount of plums you can take?

We’d like to get at least five pounds from any one person and can take up to to 2,000 pounds.

Can you take other kinds of plums, besides Italian Prune plums?

Copperworks Plum Gin takes its delicious “plumminess” specifically from the distinctive juice of Italian Prune Plums. Sorry, but we can’t use other varieties.

About Copperworks Plum Gin

Copperworks Plum Gin began as an experiment in collaboration with Warm Valley Orchard on Orcas Island, WA. Copperworks had gin, the farm had gorgeous plums – it was a perfect match and a great opportunity to create a cask finished plum gin.

The gin was so popular that it quickly joined the standard Copperworks lineup as a limited-edition annual release. A unique agricultural product, Copperworks Plum Gin relies on a juicy ingredient: locally grown Italian Prune Plums.

Copperworks Plum Gin is available in our online store, our tasting room, and at retail outlets throughout Washington State.