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Current Releases: Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey

Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey starts as a craft beer (without hops) made from the finest barley grown in and around Washington. It is then distilled twice in traditional copper stills handcrafted for Copperworks by the leading maker of Scottish pot stills, Forsyths. It is then matured in oak casks in a temperature-controlled warehouse. The variety of barley, the maturing time, and the barrels used for maturing vary by our different releases. Production details for each release are provided below.

Release 047

Tasting Notes: The iridescent amber color of this whiskey is as eye catching as the scent is attention grabbing; orange icing on a doughy cinnamon roll and honeysuckle, surrounded and balanced by oak. Sweet tea mingles with nectarine, chinotto, melon rind, and sweet cinnamon across the palate. Release 047 finishes brightly with abundant oak, unripe mango, crispy phyllo dough, a touch of white pepper and a hint of mint, leaving you wanting another sip. Enjoy on its own, or, with the warm days at hand, as the base for a John Collins.

Production Notes: Crafted from a total of 13 casks – four of which were made from our Five Malt recipe and nine of which were made from Baronesse Pale malt. All the casks were new American Oak, char #2 from Canton Cooperage, with a mix of 24-month and 36-month seasoned staves. The Five Malt casks matured for three years and nine months while the Baronesse casks matured for three years. 50% ABV.

Release 048

Tasting Notes: With the appearance of a translucent orange agate, Release 048 makes a few laps around the flavor wheel and offers a little something for everyone. On the nose one finds bread pudding, browned butter, finger lime, chocolate, stone fruit and suede. On the palate, fruit leather, pie crust, raspberry, vanilla pipe tobacco and red wine. Rounding out the experience, the finish lingers with notes of dried fruit, pink peppercorn, green tea mochi, and lapsang souchong.

Production Notes: Crafted from the same whiskey used in Release 047, with the addition of another Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey made from pale malt that matured in a Manzanilla sherry cask for five and a half years. This whiskey from this sherry cask accounts for 7.5% of the blend. Get detailed production specs.

Single Cask No. 442 (Craft Malt Week 2023)

This special release commemorates Craft Malt Week, an annual celebration of the deep connection between local agricultural and craft beverages communities. To learn more about what craft malt means, click here.

Tasting Notes: Tangerine, damp pine forest, custard and a familiar chewy lingonberry candy on the nose. Sweet orange, matcha, vanilla, oak, butter mints, and bubblegum are harmonious on the palate. The finish is long and sweet with the butter mints fading into wintergreen and rounding out with a touch of grass and red berry jam on toast.

Production Notes: Crafted from a barley varietal called Genie grown in Reardan, Washington by Coulee Hite Enterprises. The barley was malted less than an hour away in Spokane Valley, Washington by LINC Malt, a Craft Maltsters Guild member malthouse. The rest of the process (brewing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation) took place in Seattle. This new American Oak cask matured for just over three years before being bottled at cask strength. 60.3% ABV. Limited release of 210 bottles.

Bottle Your Own Single Cask Whiskey

In this distillery-exclusive experience, go behind the scenes of our production area and bottle your own whiskey! Using our copper dipping dog, you’ll pull whiskey straight from the cask before sealing your bottle and adding the final details. 

Can’t make it to the distillery but still want to enjoy this single cask whiskey? Not to worry. You can still purchase this whiskey on our online store. Simply make a note in your online purchase that you will not be visiting the distillery and wish to have your bottle shipped. A member of our team will fill your bottle for you.

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