Please join us on Friday afternoons when we hop on Instagram Live to drill down into one specific aspect of the art and science of crafting Copperworks spirits.

Each week in this series, a Copperworks team member or guest speaker will spend about 30 minutes explaining the intricacies of specific distilling topics like blending and proofing whiskey, barrel and warehouse conditions, and yeast and fermentation. Some sessions will cover new Copperworks spirit releases. These are all topics we cover in our distillery tours and people always want more detail. The sessions will be available to watch on Copperworks YouTube channel.

On October, Jason will offer an in-depth look at malted barley and Washington farms:
>  Flavor differences between malted barley and other grains (corn, rye, and wheat)
>  Flavor and other differences between the malt varieties Copperworks has used
>  How Washington malt differs from malt produced elsewhere
>  Why Copperworks focuses on working with small Washington farms

Copperworks Distilling Live: An in-depth look at crafting Copperworks spirits

Date:  Friday, October 2, 2020
Topic:  Malted Barley and Washington Farms
Time:  4:00pm PT
Link:  Instagram Live

Future Sessions:

>  Brewing and Brewery Partnerships – October 9
>  Yeast and Fermentation – October 23
>  Barrels and Warehouse Conditions  – November 6
>  Blending and Proofing – November 20

Have an idea for a future topic? Please send ideas and questions to [email protected].

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