First Cut FAQ

First Cut 2023: Frequently Asked Questions

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How many new releases will I have advance access to?

The advance purchase option will be available for all special, limited-edition spirits released in 2023, but we’re not able to specify how many releases might come out during the year (sometimes we have to let the maturing spirits tell us when they’re ready). We know there will be at least three special cask finished gin releases and we expect to have a number of single cask whiskey releases.

How many bottles can I buy in advance of a public release?

For most releases, there is no limit. As a First Cut subscriber, you can purchase as many bottles in advance as your home bar will hold and that we have in stock. But occasionally, we’ll have such limited quantities of a release that we’ll have to limit the number of bottles for that release so that all First Cut subscribers can get a bottle.

Will I receive my bottles of the special releases before they are announced to the public?

Possibly. Depending on our bottling and shipping schedule, we’re not always able to ship advance releases in the seven-day window between when you order them and when we release to the public. So, while you’ll definitely be able to order in advance, we can’t guarantee you’ll receive the shipment before public release. If you’d like to pick up the bottle at our distillery before public release, please email us at to confirm bottles are available before you stop by.

Can I get multiple bottles of the exclusive whiskey?

Each First Cut subscription is limited to one bottle of the First Cut exclusive release. However, there’s no limit on how many First Cut subscriptions you can buy.

What if I don’t see the email alerting me to advance purchase?

We’ll send an email to the address you provide to us seven days before the release is available to the public. The subject of the email will identify it as a First Cut announcement. We suggest you make sure your spam filters recognize Copperworks as a safe sender.

Can I arrange to have products shipped automatically; in case I don’t see the email alert?

We want to offer as much flexibility on purchasing special releases as possible and not lock customers into receiving releases. So, we’re only able to offer the ability to order in advance, not the ability to have releases automatically purchased and shipped.

Can I give First Cut as a gift?

Yes! Just put the name and email address of the intended recipient in the “Add special instructions” box on the “Your cart” page of the online store. Please also put the recipient’s name and physical address for the Shipping Address.

Does the price include taxes and shipping?

The one-time fee of $135 for First Cut 2023 includes all applicable taxes for the exclusive bottle. Shipping is free in the continental U.S. on orders of at least $115. If applicable, fees to ship advance purchases will be added when you purchase the products in our online store. See shipping info.