First Cut 2023

Copperworks First Cut 2023

In distilling, the best-tasting whiskey begins to flow from the still when the distiller makes the “first cut.” Like you, the distiller doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture that precious spirit. So, we created Copperworks First Cut.

Advance Purchase and Exclusive Whiskey

First Cut subscribers will have the opportunity to purchase all of our special, limited-edition releases before they become available to the public. You will also receive one bottle of a special single cask release of Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey exclusive to First Cut subscribers.

Only 150 spots are available in the First Cut 2023 program – just like the casks at our distillery, these spots will fill up quickly.

How it Works

For a one-time fee of $135 (plus shipping*), Copperworks First Cut 2023 subscribers will receive:

  • Exclusive Whiskey Release: One bottle of a special single cask release of Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey, exclusive to First Cut subscribers. See below for details on the First Cut 2023 single cask offering.
  • Ability to purchase first: Throughout 2023, you’ll have the opportunity to order special, limited-edition releases (releases of fewer than 800 bottles) of Copperworks products seven days before they become available to the general public. You’ll receive an email message with a link to a private page in our online store where you can choose in-store pickup or have bottles shipped to you (where state laws allow).

Even though all of our releases are quite small relative to the majority of the whiskey industry, we consider anything over 800 bottles a “standard” release and not part of the First Cut program. With that larger volume, you should have no problem getting your hands on them. Additionally, special benefit releases (from which proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations) will not be included in the First Cut program due to the fundraising component of these bottles.

For more details on Copperworks First Cut, please see our FAQ.

*Shipping is free in the continental U.S. on orders of at least $115.

Just In Time for the Holidays!

If you plan to purchase a First Cut 2023 subscription by 5pm, December 13, 2022, you can expect to receive the exclusive whiskey release by December 24, 2022.

To Purchase

Please visit our online store.

To Give First Cut as a Gift

Simply put the name and email address of the intended recipient in the “Add special instructions” box on the “Your cart” page of the online store. Please also put the recipient’s name and physical address for the Shipping Address.

Price: $135

Price does not include any advance purchases made in 2023.

First Cut 2023 Single Cask Release

The First Cut 2023 single cask release of Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey was crafted from a single varietal barley called Genie from the 2018 harvest at Johns Ranch in Athena, OR. This barley was grown in adherence with practices that qualify it as certified Salmon-Safe. The whiskey matured in a new American Oak cask from Canton Cooperage, char #2, for three years and one month.

Tasting Notes: Deep translucent orange catches the eye, then the nose greets you with fresh honeycomb, kefir lime leaf, lumber, and watermelon rind. Honeyed and sweet on the palate with dashes of cinnamon, resinous wood, burnt marshmallow and dark cocoa pound cake. Finishes long yet balanced with orange oil, peppercorn, oak, and mint chocolate. Drink neat or try this one in a spiced cider during sweater weather.


  • Copperworks is able to ship spirits ordered online only to those states which allow it (see shipping info for details). We’re not able to ship outside the United States.
  • If state shipping laws change and Copperworks loses the ability to ship to a customer’s state before we’ve sent the First Cut-exclusive bottle of whiskey, we will refund the entire First Cut purchase price. If the customer has received the exclusive bottle, but shipping laws change and no longer allow shipping of liquor into their state, no refunds will be made.
  • There’s no limit on how many First Cut subscriptions you can buy, but each subscription is limited to one bottle of the special release.
  • Purchasing First Cut does not guarantee the availability of new releases for advance purchase. Releases are available on a first come, first served basis while supply lasts.
  • Only bottles of Copperworks spirits can be ordered for in-store pick-up. All other products can be bought while in store picking up your bottle(s).