The Distillery

Traditional Copper Stills Make the Magic

Copperworks Stills_horiz_above_Sept13Voted “Best Distillery” in Seattle Magazine’s 2014 Readers’ Choice Awards

The centerpiece of Copperworks distillery is our family of four traditional copper stills.

They were hammered by the hands of expert coppersmiths in the highlands of Scotland at Forsyths, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of distilling equipment. Learn more about our copper stills.

Copperworks' fermenting tanks

Copperworks’ fermenting tanks

Fermenting Tanks

Our three stainless steel fermenting tanks weigh a total of nearly 10,000 pounds. Their job is to ferment un-hopped, all-malt beer into the “wash” which is then ready for the distilling process.

The Tasting RoomCopperworks tasting bar

Unlike our distilling equipment, which is custom-built to meet Copperworks unique specifications, the highlight of our tasting room has had previous lives.

The room features a tall oak antique back bar built more than 120 years ago in Montana. The bar graced the floor of the B&O Espresso on Seattle’s Capitol Hill for many years.