Copper Stills

Traditional Copper Stills

The centerpiece of Copperworks distillery is our family of four traditional copper stills. They were hammered by the hands of expert coppersmiths in the highlands of Scotland at Forsyths, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of distilling equipment.

The Wash Still

Our largest pot still—our wash still—weighs nearly three tons, stands more than 15 feet tall and enables Copperworks to produce up to two 53-gallon barrels of whiskey per day. Its job is to distill the beer, or “wash” for the first of two distillations required to make whiskey.

Micah opens spirit still doorThe Spirit Still

Our “spirit still,” also a pot still, is the second still used in the process of making Copperworks’ all malt whiskey. It can also produce pure alcohol when the alcohol vapor is directed through our 25-plate column still. Copperworks Washington Malt Vodka and the base for Copperworks’ gins comes from our column still.

The Gin Still

Our gin still is the smallest pot still in volume, but stands as tall as the other stills in the Copperworks’ lineup. Using a still that’s specifically designed to make gin allows us to make truly authentic styles of gin.

Gin still (left) and spirit still (right)