Copperworks Hand Sanitizer Available

Copperworks has been pleased to be able to shift our operations to making hand sanitizer to help fill the shortage in our community. We’re happy to put our column still to work to produce the main ingredient of sanitizer: grain neutral spirit of 191 proof. We’ve been producing sanitizer as quickly as possible to fulfill […]

Thanks for the support!

For the past few months, Copperworks has made an equity crowdfunding opportunity available to individual investors. The program closed on April 29, 2020 and we are over the moon with the generous participation we received in the investment opportunity from 414 people across the U.S. To those who joined as equity owners in Copperworks: thank […]

Cognac Cask Finished Gin

More than four years ago, we acquired a cask from France that previously held cognac and we filled it with Copperworks Small Batch Gin. It was a large cask (300 liters) so the gin took considerable time to pick up the flavors from the cognac that we were after — longer than any cask finished […]

Cocktails coming to the tasting room

Washington State laws recently changed to allow distilleries to serve cocktails, not just samples of spirits, as of mid-June 2020. This is something our customers have been asking for since we opened and we can’t wait to offer cocktails in the tasting room as soon as possible. We’re working with one of Seattle’s foremost mixologists […]

Buy Shares in Copperworks

We have big news! Copperworks has reached a pivotal point in its evolution as a distiller of fine craft spirits and we’re taking a critical leap forward: individual investors now have the opportunity to become Copperworks shareholders via an SEC-regulated funding method called “equity crowdfunding.” Our plans and goals We are pursuing capital to accelerate […]

Copperworks Spirits are Gluten-Free

Copperworks recently completed a series of scientific tests which confirmed that our distillation removes gluten from all our spirits, all of which are made from malted barley. According to FDA rules, a product can be declared to be “gluten free” even if it originally contained gluten, as long as the product is processed in a […]

Gin and plums make a delicious combo

This is the release many of our gin-loving customers have been waiting for: our second release of Copperworks Plum Cask Finished Gin. This expression of Copperworks gin has the most intense flavor results of any of our experimental cask-finished gins. Gin, Plums, and Oak To create this gin, we put nearly 200 pounds of chopped Italian […]

Special Release for PROOF Washington

One of the largest annual distillers festivals in the country, PROOF Washington, happened this past weekend in Seattle. To commemorate this special event, we produced a limited-edition, cask-strength release of American Single Malt Whiskey to offer to festival guests. We left the event happy and tired — and carrying a limited supply of the release […]

Whiskey from Single Variety, Single Farm, Single Vintage Malted Barley

When you make American Single Malt Whiskey, the only grain you use is malted barley. So obviously the grain you use really matters. Like any agricultural product, barley is subject to variation in flavor due to its variety, growing location, and the weather conditions. The Pacific Northwest, where Copperworks is located, has several different climates […]

Buy releases in advance with Copperworks First Cut

We get a lot of requests to buy our special releases in advance. Now you can! Copperworks First Cut offers you the first cut at our special releases and the only cut at an exclusive whiskey release. In distilling, the best-tasting whiskey begins to flow from the still when the distiller makes the “first cut.” […]