Copperworks adds to the team

Meet Copperworks’ newest face, Jeff Kanof. For some reason, Jeff wanted to make Friday the 13th his SECOND day on the job. And he’s been a huge help even before he officially joined the team. We’re thrilled to welcome him on board. By his own admission, Jeff is a recovering attorney — having left his law […]

Now completed on our “to do” list…

Valves are turning. Steam is pumping. Fermenters are fermenting. And Jason and Micah are working like Oompa-Lompas to get everything rolling. Recent progress: Our gin formula has been approved by the feds. (Yes, the federal government has to review and bless our gin recipe. Happy to say we passed with flying colors — no do-overs, […]

Stills Powered by Clean, Renewable Energy

Our copper stills are traditional in design and were hammered by hand, the way the Scots have been building stills for centuries. But the energy driving the stills is thoroughly modern. We’re using energy produced from a sustainable, non-fossil fuel source called “biomass”—essentially clean waste wood—which is renewable and doesn’t add new carbon to the […]

Fresh from the Kentucky Bourbon Trail…

To assist with an important whiskey-related project, Copperworks has brought in talent from the bourbon capital of the world — Jason’s dad. John Parker is a three-time traveler of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a veteran of Louisville’s Urban Bourbon Trail, a 45-year resident of Kentucky, and a Kentucky Colonel (which has nothing to do with […]

Memories of beer/whiskey writer, Michael Jackson

Many people, including Copperworks’ co-owner Jason Parker, owe their introduction to world class beer and whiskey to the writings of Michael Jackson. Twenty years ago to the day, on Michael’s birthday no less, Jason met with him at Pyramid Brewery, where Jason was Brewmaster. After the meeting, Jason asked Michael to sign his copy of […]