Is it scotch? Is it bourbon? No, it’s American Single Malt Whiskey

Now that we’ve released Copperworks American Single Malt Whiskey, we talk with folks from all over the world about whiskey. And a question we often get is “Are you making bourbon or scotch?” The answer is “neither,” because Copperworks makes what is a fairly new style of whiskey: American Single Malt Whiskey. It’s an emerging […]

“I thought vodka was made from potatoes.”

We hear this a lot in the tasting room. And yes, Polish, and sometimes Russian, vodkas are typically made from potatoes. But vodka can be made from any source of fermentable sugar. At Copperworks, we make all our products — including our vodka — from un-hopped beer. So our base ingredient is malted barley. But […]

Why is that gin brown?

“Why is that gin…uh… brown?” ask a lot of visitors to our tasting room. Some are intrigued; some are confused. (Some just ask for a sample of vodka instead…) They’re asking about one of our aged gins, which might be a rich gold to a deep amber, depending upon which release we’re pouring. Each of […]

Next Up: “Gin Barrel Gin”

We’re having fun aging gin. We’ve been experimenting by aging Copperworks Gin in oak barrels with various past lives (one new barrel, the rest used) and releasing the limited-edition aged gins when they’ve reached their peak flavor. The next aged gin we’ll release sounds like it comes from our Department of Redundancy Department:  Gin Barrel […]

Celebrate the End of Prohibition!

Join Copperworks and these fine Seattle cocktail spots this evening, Dec. 5,  to commemorate the end of Prohibition: TASTE at SAM: offering an array of cocktails, each featuring a different Copperworks spirit Liberty Bar: get a flight of gin, with one or more Copperworks gins, plus cocktails featuring the gins Rock Creek: featuring Prohibition-era cocktails made […]

Fall Back — on Gin

We’re turning the clocks back on Sunday, but that doesn’t mean turning your back on gin until next summer. With the herbal nature of many gins, there are many  gin cocktails that taste just right in the darker, colder months. Here are some gin cocktails we turn to in the fall. They work equally well with Copperworks Gin […]

Beyond the Gin & Tonic

The weather is supposed to top 80 again this week in Seattle – perfect for a tall, invigorating gin drink on the patio. Here are three refreshing drinks that are just as easy to make as a Gin & Tonic.  Cheers! Gin-Gin Mule This gin-based version of the better-known “Moscow Mule” needs only a tall, ice-cold […]

Copper Isn’t Just a Pretty Face

“Why copper?” a lot of visitors to our tasting room ask. There are a few reasons why copper is considered the preferred metal for stills. It’s malleable, so it’s a good metal to work with to achieve the distinctive and functionally important curves in the pot still. Copper is also an excellent conductor of heat, so […]

Washington State: A Prohibition Trendsetter

Prohibition officially ended 80 years ago on December 5, 1933, when the 21st Amendment to the Constitution became law – and thus “Repeal Day” celebrations began. (Watch for these on Thursday…) Washington State, ever a trendsetter, actually struck down its state-level prohibition of alcohol six months before the federal government did (perhaps a foreshadowing of […]

Happy Repeal Day, Seattle! (Wet in so many ways…)

Prohibition ended 80 years ago today. But that didn’t mean a big change in Seattle’s drinking habits – Seattle was notoriously “wet” during Prohibition. The city had its share of illegal distilleries making moonshine back then, but Seattle bootleggers focused on smuggling liquor, a.k.a.  “rum running.” Seattle was an easy target for liquor smuggling due […]